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Tiger Guard



Deadline for Tiger Guard 1st round videos

After first round videos are submitted, all audition candidates will receive the choreography for the round 2 video electronically on July 9. It will also be posted on this website at the same time.

2022 Tiger Guard Auditions

All auditions for the Clemson University Tiger Guard will be completed via online video submission.

This year's audition will consist of 4 separate short videos. Each of the videos must be unedited and shot in one-continuous take. Individual videos that have splices will not be considered.

The first 3 videos - for all returners and new members - must be submitted by July 9.

The fourth video - for all returners and new members - must be submitted by July 16. Both deadlines must be met in order to receive full consideration.

The content of these videos is explained below in detail.

After you create your videos, please upload them to google drive or another file sharing service. When you're ready to submit, simply fill out the on-line application.

Choreography for the 4th video will be emailed to everyone on July 9 who submitted their first 3 videos. Final results will be communicated by July 23.

Tiger Guard Application

If you have any questions about auditions or anything else, please contact the band office.



Deadline for Tiger Guard 2nd round videos

Deadline to submit a video of your performance of the round 2 choreography sent to you on July 9.

Audition Information

Audition Videos

The 2022 Tiger Guard auditions will consist of 4 short video submissions:

  • Video 1 will cover choreography that you have lots of time to learn and perfect.
  • Video 2 will cover basic skills in body movement and equipment technique.
  • Video 3 will be a short interview style video for us to get to know you.
  • Video 4 will cover different choreography that you will have a limited time (1 week) to learn.

Each of these videos will be described in detail below.

After you have completed the videos, you must submit them via this application form:

Tiger Guard Application

The first 3 audition videos are due on July 9. The last will be due on July 16.


Your 4 audition videos - explained in the next section - will all need to follow these requirements:

  • Each indvidual video must be one continuous shot. No editing or splicing of different takes together.
  • All videos must be filmed outside.
  • All videos must be new footage - returners may not submit audition videos from previous seasons.

All submissions will be evaluated by a panel of:

  • 4 independent expert colorguard instructors
  • Tiger Band Colorguard Instructor

All scores from the panel will be added together to create a composite score for the audition and the process will be overseen by the Tiger Band directors. Returning members will earn 1 bonus point on their audition for every year of participation in Tiger Band.

Click here to view the scoresheet that all judges will use to evaluate the audition.

Video 1


The first video will consist of your performance of the Tiger Guard choreography to the Clemson University Fight Song: Tiger Rag.

Please refer to following video to learn the choreography for this song.

You can download the audio tracks below.

Tiger Rag:

Video 2

Basic Skills

In the second video, a demonstration the following skills is required in an unedited and unspliced video:

  • 8 to 12 steps of a Jazz Run
  • at least 2 Chasse and 2 Saute maneuvers in combination
  • 1 time through the Across the Floor Sequence demonstrated below
  • 16 counts of Drop Spins
  • 16 counts of Cones
  • 24 count Windmills & Around the World demonstrated below
  • 2 Tosses-From-The-Flag
  • 2 Cone-Tosses
  • 4 45-Tosses
  • 4 Body Wrap 45-Tosses

You may also include a rifle demonstration if you feel comfortable. The rifle portion IS NOT REQUIRED. If you would like to include the rifle portion, it should include:

  • 16 counts of right hand spins with a single out
  • 26 counts of left hand spins with a single out
  • 2 double tosses
  • 2 triple tosses
  • 2 quad tosses

Each of these skills is demonstrated in the video below along with some tips of what our judges are looking for.

Video 3


The third video will be an interview video for you to introduce yourself to our staff and directors.

Please submit a video of yourself addressing the following information:

  • Name, hometown, major, current high school, and an interesting fact about yourself
  • Why did you choose Clemson University?
  • Why do you want to be a member of the Tiger Guard?

Video 4

Learned Choreography

Every candidate who has submitted the first 3 videos will be sent choreography to learn on July 9. The fourth video, due July 16, will be your performance of that choreography.

The purpose of this part of the audition process is to gauge how well you can learn new choreography quickly. There will be occasions when Tiger Band has limited time to learn new material due to the NCAA football schedule.

The choreography that must be submitted before 11:59pm on July 16, will be sent to all potential members who submit the first 3 videos on time and will also be posted here on July 9.

Please direct all questions concerning auditions for the Tiger Guard to the band office.

General Information

The Tiger Guard is full members of the Clemson University Tiger Band and perform whenever and wherever the full band performs. As a member, you will perform live for over 750,000 each year and be seen by over 25 million more during nationally televised events.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full time Clemson student
  • Full time Tri County Technical College student
  • Bridge student
  • Some exceptions can be made for full time students at other up-state institutions

Weekly Schedule

  • As a member, you will earn 2 credit hours for your participation in the fall semester. Grading is based mainly on attendance.
  • Full band rehearsal 4:00pm – 6:00pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Sectional Rehearsal 6:00pm – 8:00pm Mondays if needed.
  • Game day Rehearsal times depend on game time.
  • All Full Band performances

Financial Responsibility

The Guard members acquire a warm–up jacket for cooler weather and shoes. Extra cost could be gloves, a guard member t-shirt and items similar to this as a section. Approximate cost for shoes and warm-up is about $100.00.


Tiger guard members are a positive role model and represent Clemson University and Tiger Band at all times with good character and a positive image.

Each member agrees to remain in full uniform at all appearances including hair, make-up, uniform etc.