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Tiger Guard

2019 Tiger Guard Auditions

All auditions for the Clemson University Tiger Fall Guard will be completed via online video submission.

Details about the content of the video audition and a video tutorial can be found below.

All audition videos must be submitted by July 22 to receive full consideration.

After you create your video, please upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video (not private!) or google drive or other file sharing service. When you're ready to submit, simply fill out the on-line application and make sure to provide a link to your video in the appropriate box.

Results will be sent out by July 29.

Tiger Guard Application

If you have any questions about auditions or anything else, please contact Terry Kent:



Audition Submission Deadline

Tiger Guard Audition Deadline
Submit online application with link to video
Audition results will be sent on July 29

Audition Information

Audition Videos

Your audition videos will consist of three or four portions: Movement, Flag, Choreography and Rifle. Everyone must complete the movement, flag, and choreography sections, but the rifle section is optional.

The MOVEMENT SECTION will consist of:

  • 8 to 12 steps of jazz runs
  • at least 2 Chasse and 2 Saute maneuvers in combination
  • Explanations of these maneuvers with examples will be provided in a tutorial video posted by December 15

The FLAG SECTION will consist of:

  • 16 counts of drop spins
  • 16 counts of cones
  • 4 cone tosses
  • 4 45 tosses
  • 4 tosses from the flag
  • Explanations of these maneuvers with examples will be provided in a tutorial video posted by December 15

Please watch the video posted below to learn the required 32 counts of CHOREOGRAPHY for the 2019 Audition

The optional RIFLE SECTION will consist of:

  • 8 counts of right hand spins with a single out
  • 8 counts of left hand spins with a single out
  • 4 double tosses
  • 4 triple tosses
  • 4 quad tosses


Here’s a video tutorial walking you through the audition and submission process:

General Information

The Tiger Guard is full members of the Clemson University Tiger Band and perform whenever and wherever the full band performs. As a member, you will perform live for over 750,000 each year and be seen by over 25 million more during nationally televised events.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full time Clemson student
  • Full time Tri County Technical College student
  • Bridge student
  • Exceptions can be made for full time students at other institutions (there is a process to be eligible for this option)

Weekly Schedule

  • As a member, you will earn 2 credit hours for your participation in the fall semester. Grading is based mainly on attendance.
  • Full band rehearsal 4:00pm – 6:00pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Sectional Rehearsal 6:00pm – 8:00pm Mondays if needed.
  • Game day Rehearsal times depend on game time.
  • All Full Band performances

Financial Responsibility

The Guard members acquire a warm –up jacket for cooler performances and shoes. Extra cost could be gloves, a guard member t-shirt and items similar to this as a section. Approximate cost for shoes and warm-up is about $100.00.


Tiger guard members are a positive role model and represent Clemson University and Tiger Band at all times with good character and a positive image.

Each member agrees to remain in full uniform at all appearances including hair, make-up, uniform etc. Any tattoos must be completely concealed while in uniform and any piercings (other than 1 hole in each ear) will be removed for every performance.