"Go Tigers, Beat Everyone!" — Tiger Twirlers
Take a look at why we love twirling for this university and we hope that one day you will, too!

— Amy

Section Leader

Amy Rees

Senior | Biology and Spanish
Loganville, SC



The Clemson Tiger Twirlers have a long-standing tradition of having talented twirlers who can twirl fire. We usually reserve this excitement for night games when the sun is down and the crowd is hype. It feels natural to us, but we love to hear the fans go crazy when we BRING THE HEAT.

Toe POP!

We are always ready with our toe POPPED for a performance or a picture. Every performance begins and ends with a toe pop. It’s our go-to pose in every picture and we love teaching fans to do it too! Which Clemson celeb do you think has the best toe pop?

Tiger Twirlers in Training

We are so grateful that being a Tiger Twirler allows us to be ambassadors for Clemson University and better engage in our community. We often do performances at different events in the Clemson area. Getting to meet young tiger fans at practice and on gameday is one of the most rewarding parts of the position. Catch us on the field after each game taking pictures and signing autographs--a truly humbling experience!

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