Looking for the webpage of the best section in Tiger Band? You found it! We’re looking forward to another fun-filled and exhilarating season here in Clemson. This season, we hope to continue our domination in our weekly battles with the trumpets, show off our ever-so-stylish bone socks, and cheer on our Tigers to another winning season. Keep scrolling to see what we’re all about.

— Jith & Trevor

Section Leaders

Trevor Kimbrell

Senior | Health Services Administration
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Jith Vishwanath

Junior | Engineering
Alpharetta, GA


Trombone-Trumpet Battle

The trombone-trumpet battle is one of the most hilarious and entertaining parts of gameday for the entirety of Tiger Band. In the week leading up to a home game, each section prepares a song and a skit to accompany it. Before each home game rehearsal, the bones gather around the Bone Tree awaiting the trumpets' call. Eventually, they play a tune that calls us out from under the Bone Tree. Then, the competition begins. The whole band gathers around to watch the show. Seeing as the best is always saved for last, the trumpets perform first. After the trumpets wrap up their portion, it’s our turn to show the band what we’re made of. Once we complete our performance, it’s up to the rest of the band to decide who will come out victorious. Over the past few years, the trombones have been quite the dominant force as we rarely lose a battle with the trumpets. The battles are always enjoyable to participate in as well as watch. They are a unique and exciting way to start off gameday.

Bone Socks

Bone Socks have been a trombone tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Every game day, we gear up in our bone socks and head out to the practice field for our game day rehearsal. When Tiger Band alumni come back and visit you can tell which section they were in because most trombone players will opt to rock their Bone Socks. A combination of orange and purple stripes, these socks also come in handy during the cooler months.

Pregame Hype Speech

The pregame hype speech is exactly what it sounds like: a pregame hype speech. The speech follows each amphitheater concert and precedes each parade. Before we line up for the parade we all gather around in a circle and one of our members starts our call-and-response sequence followed by a hype speech. This is a fun way to get the adrenaline pumping before heading into one of the best parts of game day: the parade. Each speech is different and you can never predict what is going to be said.


Each November, the bones get together for a “Bonesgiving” celebration. We all gather at a member’s house or apartment and enjoy a potluck dinner. We feast on everything from turkey to buffalo chicken dip to strawberry salad. This event is one that we all look forward to as soon as the season begins. Bonesgiving is an enjoyable way to celebrate the holidays as the regular season draws to an end. We cannot wait to celebrate Bonesgiving with you this November!

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