Welcome to the Tiger Band Managers! We support all of the logisitcal needs of Tiger Band. We also get to ride a golf cart.

— Caroline

Section Leaders

Caroline Webb

Sophomore | Political Science
Lugoff, SC


The Mule

Also known as La Mule, the Mule is the golf-cart-like vehicle that is often seen swooping around the band field and it is what we use to get from the equipment room, to the practice field, and to Death Valley. It is a lot of fun to drive around and beats having to walk everywhere! This is something only managers really get to do.


Every section in Tiger Band is a family in their own way. This is also true for the managers. We are often working together for extended periods of time and since we are one of the smallest sections of the band, we get to know each other very well. It’s a truly unique experience and culture that you can’t get anywhere else on Clemson’s campus.

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