We’re quirky and fun. Come join the clarinet family!

— Tyrell & Natalie

Section Leaders

Tyrell Fleshman

Junior | English
Columbia, SC

Natalie Henderson

Senior | Nursing
Greenville, SC


Purple Shorts & Tiger Tails

Game Day is fun for all of Tiger Band, and the clarinet section is no exception. On game days we all wear purple short shorts for the morning rehearsal, and we also have Tiger Tails that we hang from the bells of our clarinets. Both these traditions are fun ways to show our hype for Game Days!

Breezeway Tunnel

After Tiger Band gets into uniform, we stand in the Breezeway by the Brooks Center before we leave for pregame performance. When we are in the Breezeway, the clarinet section makes a tunnel and we encourage anyone walking through the area to run past us and we’ll cheer as they go. Tiger Band exists to get Clemson fans excited for games, and little things like this get us excited too.

The clarinet section also has a Pep Talk in the Breezeway that is given by Grayson to hype us up for the game. The whole point is to get everyone in the section pumped up before performing for all of the fans at the football games.

Join the Band that Shakes the Southland!