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Clemson University Drumline Pre-Audition Workshop (P.A.W.)

Meet our staff, receive personal feedback, and learn the music for the video audition!




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Deadline for VIDEO round audition submissions

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Pre-season Camp

8:30AM - 5:30PM
Brooks and Bellamy Theaters

Tiger Band Preseason Camp begins for CUD

2023 Drumline Auditions

Prospective CUD Members:

Clemson University Drumline auditions take place in 2 rounds. The first round consists of submitting a video audition. Students may (and are encouraged) to submit auditions on multiple instruments - snare drum, bass drum, tenor drum, and cymbals - if they would like to. The deadline for this electronic submission is June 24.

Auditionees will be notified about video audition results by July 1. Students who earn a call-back audition invitation will move to Clemson on August 14 to participate in the live audition round before Tiger Band's preseason camp begins.

Call Back Audition Information

Fall Audition Process

Following the video audition, the live audition process will consist of two parts; an ensemble evaluation and an individual evaluation. In the ensemble evaluation, each section will audition together as a line on a rotating basis trying various player combinations. During the individual evaluation, students will be asked to sight read and may be asked to play any of the music found on the website.

Results for the Snare and Quad lines will be posted first. Results for the Bass line will be posted second. The Cymbal line results will be posted third. Based on your video audition results, you will be given section(s) to prepare for that will give you the best opportunity to make the line. All returning members (except for the section leaders) are required to re-audition each year — all spots are open and no spots are guaranteed.

Audition Mentality

CUD is looking for players who want to be a part of the drumline as an ensemble and not just play a certain instrument. This means understanding and respecting that the Clemson Drumline is made up of 4 sections - snares, quads, basses, and cymbals - and each section is of equal importance to Tiger Band, to the music, and to our success as a unit. At Clemson, there is no hierarchy. Everybody is valued, and everybody contributes.

Audition Material

Instrument assignments will be based on the ensemble audition (using the music found on the Music page) and the individual audition (which includes sight reading). Memorization of the exercises are required for the audition; cadences, supplemental materials, and pregame music do not have to be memorized for the audition. In addition, a show excerpt will be posted on the Music page on August 1st. This excerpt is expected to be playable with musical expression and memorized for the purpose of emulating mid-season music distribution. Please check the website on August 1st to download the show excerpt and prepare it for the call-back auditions.

Basses and Cymbals:
When practicing split parts, Basses should choose one of the drums and Cymbals should choose one of the Cymbal parts described in the Notation Legend. During the ensemble audition, you may be moved around, so being adaptable and having a basic knowledge of the part as a whole would be to your advantage. The cymbal line plays a variety of techniques that are described in the Cymbal Technique Manual including crashes, chokes, slides, hi-hats, smashes, sizzles, scrapes, and taps. Cymbals may be asked to play forte crashes and upbeat hi-hats while marking time to demonstrate sound quality and timing/feel. New cymbal players should also refer to the article, Motivating the Marching Cymbal Line and do your best. We will teach you these techniques in further detail when you arrive at camp.

Helpful Tips

Your audition will be judged on the qualities described in Our Expectations.

Practicing with a metronome is a must — if you don’t own one, there are several simulated metronomes available on the internet.

Auditions will be held in the Brooks and Bellamy Theaters in the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts — an Online Campus Map is available on the Clemson University website.

Items Needed for Camp

The following items are required for auditions and camp:

Additional Information

Technique Manuals

The Technique Manuals were introduced in 2009 as a way to standardize the CUD Technique. In previous years we had students come in to auditions with completely different playing styles and there just wasn't enough time in the early season to fix habits that caused us to look and sound differently. All students auditioning for the Clemson Drumline are expected to read and work through the Technique Manuals as they prepare for the auditions.

Download and study the manual for your section before auditions. Even if you aren't coming to Clemson yet, check 'em out and see what you can learn!

Cymbal Notation Legend

The Cymbal Notation Legend is vital to understanding the cymbal notation we utilize in Tiger Band. Keep this legend at hand until you get the hang of reading the Tiger Band cymbal parts.

Cymbal Notation Legend

Mark Time Exercise

The animation below demonstrates how we get back and forth between our two main foot positions in the context of an 8-count exercise preceded by an 8-count tap-off. The color red indicates a foot being placed down on the displayed count, and the color black indicates a stationary foot. Please note exactly when the toes come together and exactly when they come back apart.