Clemson University Drumline

Video Audition Information

Audition Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial walking you through the audition and submission process.

Basic Information

All returning members and new auditionees will be submitting a video for the first round of auditions. Those selected as call-backs will participate in the live second round of auditions in August.

Video auditions require access to instruments, arranged through the student’s high school or CUD. Contact us at, if you have exhausted all possibilities on securing an instrument and are unsuccessful.

All the information you need to complete and submit your video is below. If you have any questions throughout the video audition process, you may contact us at

Audition Requirements

CUD is looking for players who want to be a part of the drumline as an ensemble and not just play a certain instrument. This means understanding and respecting that the Clemson Drumline is made up of 4 sections - snares, quads, basses, and cymbals - and each section is of equal importance to Tiger Band, to the music, and to our success as a unit. At Clemson, there is no hierarchy. Everybody is valued, and everybody contributes. We will accept multiple video submissions for those that are auditioning for multiple sections. Video Audition Requirements
for Each Section

Submission Process

Practice audition material
  • Practice the audition music until you are completely comfortable performing each requirement at the specified tempo.
  • Play with a metronome. Start slow and work your way up to the specified tempo.
Record your video
  • Start with a short introduction of yourself.
  • Cell phone videos are acceptable IF that is the only equipment available.
  • Yes, you can use your music. No, it does not have to be memorized.
  • If you mess up, keep recording! You can only submit ONE link per instrument. If you messed up, you can always use the YouTube editing tools to cut out major errors. See our tutorial above!
  • Yes, you need to play on a drum or with cymbals. Access to instruments need to be arranged through the student’s high school or CUD.
  • Contact us at, if you have exhausted all possibilities on securing an instrument and are unsuccessful.
  • Make sure we can clearly see your face, hands, and feet in the video. Move any music stands that are blocking our view.
  • Yes, you need to mark time while playing.
  • Yes, you need to play with a metronome. Make sure the metronome is audible on the video.
  • If you have any questions regarding the video requirements, contact us at
Upload your video to YouTube
  • Upload your video to YouTube as “Unlisted”.
  • Make any cuts and trim your video.
  • Once it has processed, copy the link for submission.
Submit your video link and information
  • Open the CUD Video Audition Form.
  • Fill out the information and copy/paste your YouTube video link.
  • To submit a video audition for another section, re-fill out the form and add your additional link(s).

  • ***Please double-check that all your information is correct, including your email address, phone number, and your video link.***
Wait for our response

You will receive an email from us containing your status for call-back auditions by June 8.